Integrated Design for Geoscience Education (IDGE) began in June 2006 with the aim to increase scientific knowledge, teach the skills necessary for post-secondary education in the sciences, and promote careers in geooscience among minority, under-privileged, and first-generation college graduates currently underrepresented in geoscience fields.

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2006 Activities

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Project Management

Headed by lead PI, Tina Cartwright, the other individuals who worked on IDGE include the following:
  • Todd Ensign, Program Manager for the NASA IV&V Educator Resource Center, co-PI
  • Laura Jenski, non-traditional female undergraduate education student
  • Wade Murray, non-traditional male African-American undergraduate education student
  • Deb Hemler, external evaluator

Other Project Participants

The IDGE program is supported by a diverse group of educational professionals whose expertise contributed to the success of this project.
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The IDGE project was made possible through a grant by the National Science Foundation.