My World is an automated system for the capture, storage, retrieval, analysis, and display of spatial data (Clarke, 1990).  The software is also known as Geographic Information System or GIS software. The program allows users to present various types of data in a spatial format for easier analysis and display. It accomplishes this by creating layers of data. Data layers are classified as one of two different types: line, point, and polygon, which are also known as vector data. Polygon data is used to represent areas. Line data is used to represent linear features. These are objects such as roads, streams, rivers, power lines, etc. Point data would represent schools, dams, points of interest, city locations, bridges, and features that are similar to these. The second major type of data in GIS is called raster data. Raster data are special data sets that represent pictures. An example of raster data would be an aerial image or LandSat image.

The series of steps that will be presented will guide you through the process of creating a My World project for analyzing land cover from an aerial photograph that was taken in 2003 for the West Virginia Street Mapping and Addressing Board (SAMB).

Step 1
Step 2