The IDGE program objectives consist of the following:

  1. Introductory Course: To develop and deliver an integrated geoscience course, Environmental Inquiry, to Upward Bound students in West Virginia;
  2. On-line Modules: To create new on-line learning modules for use by UB programs from existing GLOBE Program scientific protocols and learning activities;
  3. UB Instructors: To provide GLOBE teacher certification training for UB program facilitators who will implement the Environmental Inquiry course at additional locations;
  4. International Course: To develop and deliver an advanced International Environmental Inquiry course for 2nd year students who are interested in expanding their geoscience knowledge through an international ecological comparison with GLOBE students in Costa Rica;
  5. International Collaboration: To provide the opportunity for selected UB students and educators to participate in a Holbrook Travel learning expedition to Costa Rica where they will meet with GLOBE students, experience the local culture and ecology, and conduct scientific measurements side by side with Costa Rican students;
  6. Attitudinal and Skill Changes: To develop critical thinking skills and positive attitudes toward careers in science through a hand-on, minds-on approach for UB participants.